Accountable care organization (ACO) model combines:

  • Interface technology that continuously collects and shares patient information with doctors. It allows clinical decision support backed by current medical evidence.
  • Personalized care management and support for patients.
  • Capabilities to aggregate patient data for quality reporting and analytics.
  • Care coordination and financial arrangements that encourage doctors to share in the improvement of patients’ health and that reflect additional time and resources needed to care for patients with chronic conditions.

Why 1MEDiX?

  • The foundation of any ACO is health information exchange and virtual patient care teams that span across organization boundaries. 1MEDiX is built from the ground up using the most advanced technology currently available to assist in both of these areas.
  • 1MEDiX improves clinical workflow that accelerates the clinical decision-making process.
  • 1MEDiX can track payment distribution based on care.
  • 1MEDiX’s can capture data to measure progress against quality goals. We work closely with our clients to achieve this.

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