Hospitals and Health Systems are concerned with reducing costs, building strong relationships with physicians and care partners in the community, and effectively measuring of quality of care. 1MEDiX has you covered.

We offer an attractive pricing model for HL7 interface management solutions and we deliver an extensible, secure technology platform that is one of the most technologically advanced in the industry. Let us help you build and implement an HIE that helps you meet your needs and meaningful use objectives.

Why 1MEDiX?

  • 1MEDiX allows for easy care coordination and information exchange among providers with an intuitive user interface that encourages user adoption.
  • 1MEDiX makes it possible to build strong relationships with community providers by offering a technical tool that makes information accessible to them in an intuitive and meaningful manner. Physicians love our tools.
  • 1MEDiX makes it possible for a comprehensive community patient health record.
  • 1MEDiX BEE Engine can connect to other HIE initiatives, payers, registries, RHIOs etc.

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