Custom solutions for integrating health information from any source via HL7, CCD, DIRECT and FHIR.
Custom clinical decision support and patient communication management for better care.
Custom mobile apps for a full view of patient data, multi-channel alerts delivery to enhance engagement.
Medical Devices
Custom solutions that integrate medical devices, mobile apps and clinical systems.
Mobilize Medical Care
Having information on the go is increasingly important. 1MEDiX is optimized to run on your cell phone, tablet, and laptop so you can rest assured that you have up-to-date information whenever and wherever you need it.
Accelerate Decisions
With lab results, hospital notes and other medical records consolidated into the 1MEDiX platform, you can make better, faster decisions & provide the best possible care for your patients.
Simplify Connectivity
Whether you have HL7, CCD or other interface requirements, with one connection or a hundred, beeEngine Interface makes implementation easy, communication efficient, and management simple.

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