Build Community – Capture Data – Accelerate Research

Customizable Registrations

Our QL solution provides a quick, customizable registration that gets users answering surveys in minutes. Have the ability to offer customizable electronic consents, releases, and privacy compliances that are in accordance with different countries and EU GDPR compliant for opt-in requirements. Additionally, each survey can offer additional consents before the user answers the first question. The users have the ability to download all signed documents.

Study Questionnaires

Have a questionnaire for every topic or study that you are screening for. Questions can be either asked in a closed-ended or open-ended format, both including a variety of different methods such as multiple-choice, drop-downs, sliders, matrices, text-boxes, and more. If a question isn’t needed from the user, a skip button can also be assigned for inessential questions. Narrow the field of eligible participants down by using our QL solutions scoring system, and have unique auto-responders for each qualified (and unqualified) survey response to relay immediate feedback on their survey.

Data Reports

As an administrator, functionality includes customizable dashboard widgets.  Administrators have the ability to query survey results and participant contact information.  Reports can be exported to Excel or CSV in both identified and de-identified formats for other data analysis tools to digest or to share with study sites to increase recruitment rates.  These report generations and exports can be scheduled as needed.