1MEDiX provides HIE Solutions that deliver health care information securely and effectively to providers whenever and wherever they need them. Our software solutions are designed for ease of use to improve coordination and collaboration among healthcare organizations.


We specialize in creating innovative, secure and user-friendly technology to help disparate healthcare organization technologies to collaborate and coordinate care. We create simple and intuitive interfaces that are easy to use and flexible enough to meet the ever-changing environment of today’s healthcare IT world. We develop a powerful beeEngine that can meet the needs of hospitals and laboratories to share HL7 messages and strengthen relationship with their providers.

At 1MEDiX, we believe that technology should help medical professionals in:

  • Mobilizing Medical Care
  • Simplifying Connectivity
  • Accelerating Decision Process

Why do we do what we do?

In the mid 2000s, Justin Tsui was working with various health organizations on software implementation projects.  He realized that the health care industry is filled with software big on promises but light on intuitiveness and ease of use.  As a result, millions of dollars are wasted on software with little or no return on investment.  He set out to change that by starting his own company,1MEDiX, that focuses on building health care solutions with great end user experiences.

Initially, 1MEDiX simplified HL7 interface management and implementation for health systems, medical groups and laboratories by launching beeEngine in 2010, which provides state-of-the-art connectivity, performance and management capabilities.

Then, in 2011, 1MEDiX started work on a better user interface for displaying and sharing information between different health care institutions.  With assistance from clinicians and a team of award-winning web developers, 1MEDiX built a platform that harmonizes the medical data collected in the back end, displays information intuitively to users, and supports both desktop and mobile platforms.
Although Health Information Exchange is still in its infant stage, the 1MEDiX platform utilizes the latest technology and business intelligence background of the development team to stand out among its competitors.

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