Make healthcare information easy to access across all devices, from desktop computers to laptops, tablets and smartphones with responsive web design and mobile application development.

1medix-portalHealthcare information is valuable, especially when it can be accessed at a moment’s notice from just about anywhere. From mobile applications to responsive design, our team can build on-the-go access for any device.

Complying with HIPAA regulations is absolutely mandatory when dealing with software, mobile and web development in the healthcare industry. We’re experienced in cloud application development with respect to HIPAA compliance, and we build solutions that meet the required physical, network, and process security requirements to protect sensitive healthcare information.

Combine the power of web and mobile applications to engage the healthcare consumer.

User engagement and connectivity is vital to a successful healthcare app. We specialize in both web development and mobile development, including applications that span from mobile devices to websites and apply to healthcare solutions. We help you architect the solution, build the service layer, and connect all dependent apps to the platform.

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