About 1MEDiX

1MEDiX provides HIE platforms and solutions that mobilize medical care, simplify connectivity, and accelerate decision processes. We focus on innovative user interface designs and provide secure, intuitive access of information whenever and wherever it is needed. Our platform is engineered to be flexible to meet the most demanding technological needs.


The 1MEDiX Portal allows different health institutions to share information with each other easily and provide information to their providers. Our solution supports most mobile devices with ease.


1Medix software design focuses on a clean, intuitive user interface honed during development by clinicians whose input reflects the needs of providers practicing medicine on a daily basis. Our software engineers also implement rigorously tested design methodology that provides consistency and responsiveness across all major mobile and desktop platforms.


Since its inception in 2011, 1MEDiX has been constructed with scalability, extensibility, and customizability in mind. Its flexible framework allows you to easily add data fields you want to track and report on the fly. Patient profiles can be extended, the security framework controls data access to the finest granular level, quality and source version controls are already embedded, and mobile compatibility is rigorously tested.


We can start deploying your portal as soon as we receive your provider information, security clearance, and sample HL7 messages. We are happy to customize your portal for your members and providers, and if your partner is already on our portal, shared information will appear upon login, whether it is from their desktop computer or mobile device.

HL7 Engine

We use a proprietary beeEngine to simplify HL7 interface connectivity.  It is simple to manage and adapt the engine to your interface connectivity needs.  The engine is especially effective in a single source, multiple destination implementation environment.  Our optional beeClient technology will allow you to transfer HL7 messages securely between you, your partners, and service providers with added security.

Secure Messaging

We can customize our secure message portal for providers and patients to communicate securely. Built in DIRECT messaging integration allows the platform to exchange messages with other DIRECT compliant systems securely.