Build Community – Capture Data – Accelerate Research

Capture the Voice of Your Community

Our EP Solution is able to get participant information and experiences, and convert them into valuable insights. Questions can be answered in various ways, including sliders, drop-downs, text fields, and date-pickers, to name a few. Points can we attributed to answers and a score will be assigned to the response. Keep responses fresh by allowing users to update responses as needed. Updating responses is quick and easy, and lets users quickly scan over their past surveys and only update answers as needed.

Control the Flow

There are unlimited sequential survey questions personalized to profile demographics (age, gender, etc) and prior responses. Questionnaires can have configured with a complex array of requirements such as requiring a specific answers from different questionnaires, basis of patient gender or age. Questions can be customized in the Questionnaire Design Tool.  Automatic email reminders are available to encourage the user to complete or update surveys.  A progress bar allows users to track the percentage of completion.  The auto-save will take them to where they left off.  The option to skip questions is also available.

Data Reports

As an administrator, functionality includes customizable dashboard widgets.  Administrators have the ability to query FHIR Resources from hospitals, EHR vendors, and other health data sources.  They also have the ability to query longitudinal (temporal) responses across multiple questionnaires.  Reports can be exported to Excel or CSV for other data analysis tools to digest or to FHIR for other health data sources to review.  These report generations and exports can be scheduled as needed.