There is no one-size-fits-all in the health industry. Each client  – whether a hospital, medical group, lab, or insurance company – has a unique system for maintaining and managing their respective medical information. At 1MEDiX, we build flexible engine interfaces that adapt to each client’s unique way of doing business. We engage our clients, listen to their needs, discuss available options, and work with them through the process of designing an application interface custom-built for their needs. We don’t just welcome the client’s input, we encourage it and expect it.

Then there’s design. Too often an application interface is busy, crowded and crammed with too much information. Our philosophy is simple. Literally. We believe in simple designs, simple interfaces. Users shouldn’t have to consult with the ‘help’ menu; they should intuitively know where to find what they want. At 1MEDiX, we strive to build the simple, intuitive interfaces that allows users to feel they have been using the application all the while.