1MEDiX provides platform solutions for health information aggregation, analysis and mobile usage. Our mission is to bring one consolidated view of electronic health records and patient history for patients to share with researchers and service providers, using the latest technology and open standards to seamlessly link hospitals, medical offices, laboratories, imaging centers, other services sites and insurances.

1MEDIX provides a fully integrated suite of products for health care institutions for their information aggregation needs. We are committed to continuing to develop the technology platform needed to support health care organizations, both now and in the future.

Based on n-tier architecture, open standards such as Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) and Spring Security Framework, 1MEDiX platform is a state-of-the-art and secure platform that allows clients to add health information aggregation capabilities, web and mobility access, and secure messaging in a rapid, cost-effective manner.

Modular design and Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture allows for maximum flexibility, and ensures ongoing adaptability as technology and service offerings continue to evolve.  This architecture is scalable and enables clustering at all server levels.  1MEDIX supports industry interoperability standards such as HL7, CDA, FHIR and DIRECT secure messaging.

Tiered Features

  • Improve Patient Experiences and Workflow Management
  • Integrate and Query Medical Records from different patient-provided sources, such as EHRs, Labs and Questionnaires.
  • Standard based Platform with Rapid Deployment Capabilities, including mobile ability built-in.
  • Fully customizable and secure
  • Dependent patient profiles – Patients can create profiles for their dependents, manage and switch to those profiles, and complete questionnaires on their behalf.
  • Questionnaires – Solutions include native FHIR Questionnaire Builder that can group questions or present a list of questions in matrix format.
  • Questionnaire requirements workflow -- Patients must complete specific questionnaires before proceeding further.
  • Advanced conditional logic questionnaire – ability to set conditional logic that spans multiple questionnaires.
  • Group scoring for qualifying leads.
  • Questions can be tagged as temporal or non-temporal. Temporal questions can be queried to facilitate longitudinal researches.
  • Advanced query and reporting – ability to export results with FHIR resources and Patient demographics.
  • Patients can elect to upload medical records as PDFs, or better yet, as CDAs from their doctors’ EHR system. Indexed medical records will be stored in standard based format (FHIR) and fully queryable and exportable, based on security permissions.