To better serve your patients and for effective clinical decision-making, you need to exchange information and collaborate with other members of your patient’s care team. You need access to timely and complete information all in one place, which is an important part of Meaningful Use.

1MEDiX delivers the information securely whenever and wherever you want access. We recognize that physicians work in a variety of care settings with different workflow needs and differing levels of technology adoption. 1MEDiX is a software solution designed to help you collaborate with other providers on your terms and to meet your specific technology and workflow needs.

Why 1MEDiX?

  • 1MEDiX is available to you, whether you are on your computer, cell phone or tablet.
  • 1MEDiX makes it possible for you to link with the providers you know and with whom you do business, not only to share patient information, but to form a knowledge sharing network.
  • 1MEDiX augments your office information capabilities even if your office does not have EMRs.
  • 1MEDiX makes it possible for you to consolidate all your appointments from different sources in one calendar.

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